MODEL Tank capacity   Tube quantity Absorber area
Loading quantity 20GP/40HQ
FT-SS-CP-470-58/1800-20-C  167  20  1.62  37/86
FT-SS-CP-470-58/1800-24-C  200  24  1.96  32/74
FT-SS-CP-470-58/1800-30-C  200  24  1.96  32/74
FT short for Forte, our brand name
SS Short for stainless steel, CS short for color steel
CP short for Coil preaheating
470 means the outer tank diameter is 470mm
58/1800 means the vacuum tube diameter is 58mm and tube length is 1800mm , the tubes can be choosen from normal AL-N-AL tubes or AL-N-AL-CU-SS three target tubes

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